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We manage trips to special places for active, alternative and adventure vacations, coordinating the trip directly with local guides.

For us the first and most important thing is to personalize the trips, each one looks for something different and we like to help you get to find your destination. Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will adjust one of the many programs that we have or we will design one again for you.

You’ll pay for the trip directly to the local guides, saving you the costs of distributors and intermediaries.

We also offer you the possibility of thematic trips with the same local guides or with our collaborators, which will offer an added value to your trip.

The idea of helping others reach their goals was born from our passion to travel and get to know remote places.

All destinations are always based on previous experiences of us and our collaborators.

We are not a travel agency.

We put people in contact with local guides of our highest confidence.

We help you to customize the trip to the maximum depending on what you are looking for, collaborating in the coordination of the trip and transferring our previous experiences.
Contacting you directly with the local guides allows us to offer you much more competitive prices. We also help to have a much more sustainable and responsible tourism with the place you are going to visit.

Payment is made directly to the local guide.

In this way you save all intermediation costs and we get the money to really reach the places where you are going to travel.

This allows us again a more sustainable tourism as well as more adjusted prices.

We only offer destinations where we have a friendship with the local guides that are able to offer a fully guaranteed service.

In Northern Norway and Svalbard we also work as captain on one of our collaborator’s sailboats.

More than 30 trips to Nepal coordinated by the same guide speak enough about him. We blindly trust him.

The filming of mountain movies in South Ossetia and Kamchatka has opened the doors to the government, guides and local sponsors. Helping them to promote the country is a good way to give back the help they have given us.

No, our main objective is simple: let you know least frequented places in a local and sustainable way. The degree of adventure is marked by you.

You can leave the most popular destinations to know the ancestral Álana culture in South Ossetia, discover the fauna and culture of the Indian tribes of the Kamchatka peninsula, enjoy sailing, fishing or simply photographing Northern Lights in the Norwegian fjords or Svalbard . We can also accompany you to the Buddhist temples of Kathmandu or visit the jungle of Southern Nepal.

We also have trekkings and excursions to go with the whole family or with friends, where what we are looking for is that you enjoy the landscape and discover new cultures without having to make a great effort.

We can adjust the trip to the level of adventure you are looking for.

What we like most is to adapt the trip to what you want to live.

Ski Mountaineering: from enjoying stunning views on little-known peaks to accompanying you to the most demanding extreme ski slopes or making a first descent on a virgin mountain.

Heliski in Nepal: go down an eight thousand peak mountainside or go to an unexplored area to make the first descent. We also organize the “assisted skiing”, where we approach you by helicopter to an inaccessible place, to be able, from there, to make several ascents and descents.

Trekking: from excursions in areas with sleeping and eating infrastructure to routes in remote places where we will be totally self-sufficient.

Mountaineering, climbing: : we can accompany you to an eight thousand, to a virgin peak or to some of the most famous walls in the world, mainly, to any place you wish to discover.

Sail: In addition to the destinations on the web, we occasionally make trips to Greenland, Jan Mayen, cross the Atlantic … do you dare to cross the Drake Passage (from Cape Horn to Antarctica) under sail?

To minimize the cost of travel we do not include simple steps and purchases that you can make directly; this saves you the agency fees.

Even so, if you need it, with our experience we can help you or make purchases of flights or visa procedures.

We only include “difficult-to-manage” local flights from home in the travel price.

Part of our team are professionals of these activities; we can add to your trip a practical training in a unique environment.

Photography: Guillem Casanova, professional photographer specialized in mountain races, can guide you during the trip while teaching you some of his tricks to improve the composition, editing or even introduces you to the world of filming.

Ski, mountaineering: depending on the level of demand and commitment you are looking for, our guides can accompany you.
If you want to enjoy the mountain and skiing, the Andorran World Cup ex racer Inka Belles will teach you to adapt the techniques of the competition to the mountain in general.
If you are looking for high level activities, our friend Jordi Tosas, one of the most prestigious guides of the moment, can accompany you to climb a virgin peak or to a first descent in skiing or snowboarding.

Sailing: sure that when you learn the techniques of navigation through the Arctic you can already consider yourself a sailor suitable for navigating any sea.

We have realized that many times you needlessly pay for insurance that you already have or do not want to pay.

We do not include insurance on our trips; what we do is help you assess what insurance you need in each type of activity and how far you want them to cover your activity.

For each trip we will jointly study what insurance you have already served and which we have to expand or cover: to ensure the cancellation of the flight or the entire trip, in many cases it is advisable an international medical insurance, and a rescue and repatriation insurance It may be essential on some occasions.

Do not hesitate to ask us!

If you are looking for an activity that we offer (skiing, sailing, heliskiing, hiking, mountaineering …) but in some destination not included in our programs do not hesitate to contact us.

We have good friends who can help us organize your trip in Belarus, Balkans, Bolivia, Pakistan …


Two brothers with 13 years of difference and two very different passions, Albert only dreamed of sailing and Xevi, since childhood, always tried to be in the mountains. It was almost impossible to meet in order to carry out a common project.

For some years Xevi has participated in Himalaiaski, a project to film mountain skiing documentaries outside the most common routes. In the year 2017 they decided to go to the north of Norway to shoot a new documentary in which were climbed some of the less frequented mountains from sea level, sailing from island to island with a sailboat.

We leave you with the trailer of the Documentary; initially it was about recording the world champion of mountain skiing, Mireia Miró, but it really was much more.

It was the beginning of this project!

Hi, I'm Albert, you'll find all our updated trips on the new website: How can I help you?