Kamchatka Trekking

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The most beautiful volcanoes on the earth

Are you ready to discover one of the wildest and most spectacular places on earth?

A 14-day trekking route through the highest volcanoes in Kamchatka, moving between some of the most beautiful volcanoes on earth and climbing into an impressive 2km crater located 3,000m high. The program is designed to move around and sleep in a tent, to have a more direct contact with nature.

You will discover active volcanoes, geysers, fumaroles, bears and many more animals. But above all, discover your dreams, listen to your intuition.

This is one of the trekkings that we can propose. If you are looking for another route or type of trip, do not hesitate to explain to us what you would do.

For those most daring, do not forget to look at the mountaineering programs, to ascend some of the famous active volcanoes of the region.

Are you ready for the great adventure of this year?

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Days 1 and 2:

Let’s start the adventure!
Day 1: Day 1: Arrival at Yelizovo Airport, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (30 km). Accommodation at the hotel “Камчатский босс”. Comment of the travel program with our local guide.

In the afternoon visit the black volcanic sand beach of Halaktyr. Visit of the surf camp, and dinner with campfire on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Back to the hotel.

Day 2: Breakfast and departure by jeep to the group of volcanoes of Klyuchevskaya. Stop halfway to lunch in the village of Milkovo.

Accommodation in a campsite overlooking the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano (4,750m). Dinner by the fire.

Days 3 to 5:

Discover the great central volcanoes.
Day 3: Today we wake up early, have a delicious breakfast and go for a walk to the beautiful Studenoi river canyon, the walk will last all day.

We will go down to the canyon and walk along it, surrounded by its high walls. In the afternoon we will return to the camp for dinner and spend the night in our tent.

Day 4: Breakfast at the camp and departure to Apahonchich – towards the volcanic observation station.

Apahoncic is an awesome place. The largest active volcano in Eurasia. Klyuchevskaya Sopka rises right in front of you. Nearby there is the ancient Kamen volcano, and the rest of the volcanoes of the Klyuchevskaya group, each of which is more than 3,000 meters high. If the weather is clear at night, you will not want to go to sleep, because your eyes will always cling to the deafening starry sky and the contours of these giant volcanoes.

Day 5: Today we will have breakfast early and leave our camp in Apahoncic to walk to the natural monument of Ambon.

Ambon is not just a stone. This is proof of the living power of Kamchatka volcanoes. A block weighing about 45 thousand tons “rolled” during the collapse of the slope of the Kamen volcano at a distance of 13 km from it! Definitely, this natural object is worthy of attention.

Return to the camp, dinner and accommodation in the tents.

Days 6 to 9:

Climb volcanoes, and visit the Dead Forest.
Day 6: After breakfast, we will pick up the camp and leave by jeep to the village of Kozyrevsk.

Accommodation in a guest house run by a hospitable host. Upon arrival we will discover a true Russian bath. Abundant dinner and accommodation in the house.

Day 7: After having breakfast and picking up things we will leave and jeep towards Tolbachik volcano.

Camp installation. We will have a snack and go for a walk through the lava fields formed after the last eruption of the volcano in 2012-2013. Somewhere deep beneath these fields rivers of red lava still flow, as evidenced by cracks, from which hot air rises to the surface, and a bright glow is visible at night.

A hearty dinner at the foot of the active volcano Tolbachik. We will go to bed early to gain strength before climbing.

Day 8: We will get up early, breakfast and briefing. Today we will ascend the Tolbachik volcano.

We will climb to a height of 3082 meters. The top of the active volcano Plosky Tolbachik is crowned by a crater with a diameter of approximately 2 km. The view from the top is incomparable, definitely worth all your efforts.

Delicious dinner and deserved rest around the campfire with mulled wine.

Day 9: After breakfast, we will take a walk through the Dead Forest and see the consequences of the great eruption of 1975-1976.

With the jeep we will approach this extraterrestrial landscape, formed by thousands of petrified trees after the Tolbachik eruption. We will also climb a small volcano (300m of unevenness) from where you can see the great eruption of Tolbachinsky. Although more than 40 years have passed since that event, the Northern Breakthrough cone has not yet cooled! Imagine dropping a wooden stick to a depth of only 10 cm and turning it on.

Days 10 to 12:

Hot springs and rafting.
Day 10: Breakfast and pick up from base camp. Jeep transfer to Esso Village.

We will stay in a cozy recreation center with an outdoor thermal pool. We will enjoy a tasty lunch. Visit to the Bystrinsky Ethnographic Museum. Afternoon to take a bath in the hot springs and have dinner tasting typical dishes of Koryak food.

Day 11: Today rafting plays. Breakfast in Esso Village and transfer to the Bystraya river to make a rafting descent with professional guides. Lunch in the river. Fishing enthusiasts will have the opportunity to fish. Return to Esso Village for dinner.

Day 12: Breakfast and pick-up in Esso Village and departure by jeep to the town of Paratunka. Stop halfway to lunch.

Accommodation at the “Forest Glade” recreation center. While dinner is over, immerse yourself in the thermal pool. Dinner and relaxation.

Days 13 and 14:

Meet the Bering Sea and the Koriak Indians
Day 13: Breakfast, early pick-up from Paratunka and transfer to the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Departure by boat to visit the coast of the Bering Sea for 6 hours. We will visit the caves of Tikhaya Bay, fish and have lunch at sea, while visiting the Starichkov Islands, the “three brothers” (impressive rocks that arise from the middle of the sea) and we can observe birds, seals …

Return to the city, to move to the ethnographic camp, where we can learn how the nomadic tribes that have inhabited the peninsula lived for centuries. The camp is located in a forest, we will have stunning panoramic views of the Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes.

We will discover their traditional music, dances and dresses, we can have a conversation in a traditional tent (tipi) around the fire about the culture and life of the Kamchatkan people, about their traditions and customs. We will also know the reindeer and sled dogs that participate in the famous dog sled race that crosses the entire peninsula from South to North every winter.

Typical dinner of the Koriak Indians (deer shurpa, baked red fish with potatoes, Koryak cakes, condensed milk with berries, herbal tea). Return to the Forest Glade hotel.

Day 14: Pick up at the “Forest Glade” recreation center. Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

TRAVEL DAYS: 14 days +  travel
They are personalized programs and the number of days can be adjusted.


Choose date.


From June to September. Ask for a date.

Minimum 4 people.

From € 2.300 per person in a shared room.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation in hotels / guest houses in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kozyrevsk, Esso and Paratunka
  • Guide, for the entire route and excursions.
  • Transfers to the airport.
  • Permits to visit natural parks.
  • Meals (three times a day). (Not included alcoholic beverages)
  • Medical transport insurance (including helicopter)
  • All transfers and logistics in the region for the group.

The service excludes:

  • Flight to Petropavlosk Kamchatky (700 to 900 € approximately).
  • Alcoholic beverages, telephony, medical and rescue insurance.
  • Personal material.
  • Entry visa in Russia (Process in embassy or http://www.centraldevisadosrusos.com)
  • Tips. (Optional).

Trekking: Easy to Moderate 

We adapt the difficulty of the tours to the group level.

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