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Ski and Sail Lyngen is an adventure for those of you who want to sail to the foot of a mountain, prepare your skis and skins on the beach, ascend and then ski down the purest, powdery hills Norway can offer. Ski and Sail is a trip for those of you who enjoy challenges and want to experience something unique, wild, raw and beautiful; whether you’re experienced or a beginner.

This trip starts in Alta, and finishes in Tromsø, meaning we will have 5-6 full days of skiing in the areas of Altafjorden, Øksfjord peninsula, Malangerfjorden, Kågen and the Lyngen alps; which is a beautiful and exciting area with many choices for ascending peaks and sailing.

The ascensions we complete during our trips will be planned in plenary, according to the skill level of the group, weather, and conditions in general. After our daily ascensions we set sail for the next port and prepare ourselves for the following day. This is an active trip with full focus on the experiences this wild nature has to offer, whether it’s behind the wheel or with skis strapped on your feet. The luxury of having a ski guide onboard also means we want to maximize our time in the mountains and ascend new hills every day. The mussel pain and tiredness can wait until we get back home:) For this trip we have booked a local “finnmarking”, as our ski guide. He lives in the mountain range close to “Altafjorden” and knows these hills better than anyone else we can think of.

For most of our Ski and Sail trips we sail two boats together, with each boat having their own ski guide. The number of boats during our trip depends on the number of participants. If we have enough participants for two boats we also have more flexibility to divide the group in two according to skill level and experience amongst the participants..

This is one of the many Ski & Sail trips that we offer in the North of Norway, we have different trips organized in Lofoten, Lyngen and Finmark or we can simply design an exclusive one for your group of friends with your preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us to study the best option.


Ship presentation – let’s meet and set sails!

Welcome on board! We will meet in Alta harbour, get settled in to the boat and get to know each other. Before we set sails, we’ll walk you through safety routines while on board, and get familiar with the boat. Before it’s too late in the evening we cast off towards a natural harbor where we spend the night at anchor. We eat dinner on our way, but be prepared for eating quite late.

Ascensions in the fjords surrounding Øksfjordjøkelen.

The great peninsula surrounding the Øksfjord-glacier is an unavailable eldorado for ascensions on skis, but with a boat we will be able to enter the fjords and wherever else we might want to, and maybe we will climb the glacier! If the skipper is in a good mood, maybe she will let you off in one fjord and pick you up in the next!

Nordleangen / Kågen and Arnøya.

The northern tip of Lyngen peninsula is in fact a perfect starting point for many of the summits in the Lyngen alps, or for the surrounding islands. We will wake up either by Arnøya or Store Kågtind. As for the rest of the trip, this depends on weather and conditions. Both peaks have amazing locations and give beautiful views over the entire Lyngen area. Once the trip of the day is done, we will cook dinner and continue sailing west. We will dock for the night at a suitable location.

Final Summit closer to Tromsø – Ullstinden

We will set sail south in the morning and approach Ullstinden, with it’s 1093 meters above sea level will become the first peak we climb. We will be set ashore on the eastside, and come down on the westside. Starting on one side of a mountain, and being picked up on the other, is amongst the most awesome things with Ski and Sail. Once we are finished exploring the summit, we set sails towards Tromsø, and we will aim to be docked before dinner

Breakfast and departure.

Thank you for a great time in these fantastic surroundings, from the “Paris of the north”; Tromsø, the roads and possibilities are still many for those who want to continue exploring the north.

Price: from 1600€ per person.

*This is a program for 8 days Ski&Sail Alta-Tromsø, if you want information in other destinations in Northern Norway do not hesitate to contact us.HERE.

What is included?

  • Experienced skipper / instructor with local knowledge on board.
  • Mountain guide experienced on all ski days.
  • Accommodation on board during the entire trip.
  • The “Comfort” package with sheets, duvee and pillow.
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly, unique, exotic and exclusive holidays in Norway.
  • All food onboard.
  • Any expenses related to the ship, such as diesel, gas, dock rates, etc.
  • Use of the equipment on board: kayaks, dinghy boat, fishing equipment, etc.
  • Round trip to Tromsø / Alta.
  • Visits to additional or unplanned restaurants or other extra activities.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

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