Svalbard Sailing and Skiing

From 3.200€


Welcome to one of our most exclusive trips so far. When the ski season is about to end in continental Europe, the best time to ski in the Archipelago begins. The sun returns and shines 24 hours a day, the animals return from hibernation and the snow conditions are perfect, so spring is a fantastic time to ski in Svalbard.

Svalbard can offer fjords, mountains and vast wild areas that have not yet been touched by man, even to this day. The traces we find in nature here do not come from people, but from the polar fox, seals, birds, reindeer or the king of these lands, the polar bear.

With a week ahead we leave Longyearbyen to the North. Our sailboat will be the refuge and transport to move around this region.

After a day of skiing we will arrive to the sailboat where a delicious meal will await us to recover our strength and plan the next day from our comfortable lounge area onboard. We will sail to the next mountain where we will anchor for the night, despite the fact that there is no darkness at that time of the year.

The steel exploration vessel has all the safety measures to operate in these waters together with an experienced crew that will be happy to share their knowledge. It has six double cabins, five bathrooms and a large lounge where you can relax after a day skiing.

This trip begins and ends in Longyearbyen, the main town of Svalbard. Check below the day-to-day program for more information.


Presentation, safety briefing and we sail towards the North of the North.

We will meet at the port of Longyearbyen and will settle on the boat. Before set sail, we will do a briefing about the safety routines on board and a familiarization. We depart north for the ski area.

Ski outside of Isfjorden.

The most famous and visited fjord of Svalbard is Isfjorden. Within it are the cities of Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Pyramiden. The fjord is surrounded by large mountains for skiing, so before sailing north, we will make a climb or two around Isfjorden.

Kongsfjorden, Krossfjorden, Magdalenafjorden

We will explore the north-western coast of the archipelago, our routine will consist of getting up, having breakfast, disembarking in a bay, putting on our skis and climbing the best peaks. Once back on board, and with dinner at the table, will discuss, together with the guide, the possibilities for the next day while we move with the sailboat.

Sailing back home.

We start the journey south back home and stop for a climb on the way if we see that there is time for it. Our goal will be to sleep in the Russian mining town of Barentsburg, sauna and vodka is the last night plan.

Thanks for a great trip!

After breakfast, we will sail the last stage towards Longyearbyen. After lunch we will disembark with a backpack full of memories. If you have time, we recommend spending an extra night in Longyearbyen to relax after the impressions of the week and learn more about this small multicultural town of the Arctic.

Price: from 3200€ per person.

For more information about this trips contact us HERE.

What is included?
  • Captain / instructor experienced on board.
  • Mountain guide every day of skiing.
  • Accommodation on board during the entire trip.
  • Sheets, pillow and duvee.
  • All meals on board.
  • A sustainable, environmentally friendly, unique, exotic and exclusive holiday.
  • Free use of equipment such as dinghy, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc.
  • All expenses related to the vessel, such as diesel, gas, port fees, etc.
  • Search and rescue insurance in the Arctic (SAR).
  • High quality safety equipment.
  • Transportation to / from Longyearbyen.
  • Visits to restaurants, museums, galleries, usually before or after the trip.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
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