China – Mongolia and South/North Korea trip

China and Mongolia -
South/North Korea trip

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A trip to Asia with a Blog-Traveler? Irina has already visited 67 countries, we believe she is the best guide to share this trip.

An unforgettable experience in Asia! It consists of a trip of 14 or 21 days to different countries of the region.

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In China we will visit Beijing, the Great Wall and the Terracotta warriors.

In Mongolia we will know its capital, Ulan-Bator. We will also go to some of its national parks, where we could see the wild horses, the Gobi desert, the valley of the eagles … But above all, meet mongolian’s people.

If you enjoy the long trip (21 days), you can discover the two Koreas. From Seoul we move to different points to know the two realities of the region

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Arrive in Beijing

Welcome to the group! Arrive in Beijing – Transfer to The Emperor Tiananmen Beijing(Gold ticket)

Discover China.

Day 02: Explore Ancient Capital of Beijing
Day 03: Tour Great Wall of China
Day 04: One Day tour to Terra-Cotta Warriors in Xian
Day 05: Be A Beijinger!

Discover Mongolia.

Day 06: Departure for Mongolia. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, half day city tour.
Day 07: Khustain Nuruu National Park (Wild horse Park)
Day 08: Genghis Khan’s Statue Complex-Terelj National Park-Ulaanbaatar
Day 09: Flight to South Gobi – Eagle valley-Khongor sand dunes
Day 10: Free relaxing, visit local nomad family- Camel Riding at the Khongor Sand Dunes
Day 11: Bayan zag (famous Flaming cliffs)
Day 12: Fly back to Ulaanbaatar, half day city tour

Short trip is finish, the long trip continue.

Day 13: Fly back to Beijing – Transfer to The Emperor Tiananmen Beijing(Gold ticket)
Day 14:
* Full trip: Board the ferry to South Korea
* Short trip: Fly back to Home sweet home

Discover two Koreas

Day 15 (Full trip): Arrive in Seoul, Korea – Transfer to the Hilton Hotel (Gold ticket)
Day 16 (Full trip) : One day tour of Seoul and 1/2 day at the beach relaxing
Day 17 (Full trip) : Explore the Korean peninsula – Different options available: visit in North Korea, go to the Olympic games park, or hike a national park
Day 18 (Full trip) : Continue exploring the peninsula
Day 19 (Full trip) : Back to Seoul and experience its night life
Day 20 (Full trip) : Back to Beijing and fly back to Home sweet home

Gold tiket (14 days): 2.900€ (1200 euro deposit payment and 1700 euro due 10 days before departure)

Silver tiket (21 days): 2.900€ (1200 euro deposit payment and 1700 euro due 10 days before departure)

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What is included?

  • 2 international flights from all European capitals to / from Beijing
  • 1 domestic flight.
  • Train and bus tickets in China
  • Train and bus tickets in Mongolia
  • Ferry tickets to Seoul, Korea (for the Full trip Silver)
  • Accommodation in minimum 2 stars hotels (per shared double room)
  • Entrance fees to the Great China Wall national park, Xian park, Chengdu park
  • Excursion and transfers in Beijing.
  • Travel and medical insurance for 10000 eur
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Food or alcohol (except when breakfast is included)
  • Additional excursions and entrance fees
  • Visa fees but assistance is provided for issuing the needed visas
  • Tips

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