Sailing trips

From 1.300€.

Discover the world sailing.

There are places that are worth arriving by sea, even some of our trips cannot be reached if you are not sailing.

Think of that place you always dreamed of, hoist the sail, head towards it, just let us accompany you.

We present the most popular trips we make in Sailboat, but they are not the only ones. We also make personalized trips to Greenland, Jean Mayen, Iceland or enjoy a journey through the Mediterranean, just tell us which route you would like to take or be attentive to the scheduled trips that we are announcing.

South Georgia and Antarctica are waiting for the most daring, to travel by sailboat to the great South, they are major words.

Just tell us where you would like to go, or what type of trip you would like to take and together we will design the route that best suits what you are looking for.

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