From: € 2.000

Do you imagine having close eye contact with an Orca or a Humpback Whale?

This trip is much more than a freediving trip with one of the biggest sea creatures!! It will involve active sailing in a sailboat which will let us explore this fantastic area and also discover the famous Northern Lights.

We will set sail from Tromsø, also known as the Paris from the North, which has a lot of cultural and gastronomic activities thanks to the amount of University students and Researchers that live there.

From Tromsø we will sail towards the Skjervøy area where the whales arrive from October to February following the herring fish banks.

Once we encounter a whale pod, and always following all safety measures and recommendations from International and National Organizations, we will enter into the water in small groups under the supervision of the freediving guide.

The migration patterns of herring are not fixed on a known location and moves around the vast number of fjords of North Norway coastline. We are operating in this area performing other year-round activities with our sailboats for the last decade and have the local knowledge of this waters which make us able to track the last sightseeing from local fisherman and follow the orcas and humpback whales.

Living on a sailboat will be more than just our Hotel; will make us able to sail the coast following the whales moves and enjoy the sailing surrounded by snowed mountains. Also, during night time we will be able to spot the Northern Lights from onboard, being the winter months the best for this activity.

The expedition will be run from one of our sailboats based in the area, a 15mts sailboat with 5 double cabins and 3 toilets prepare to be sail in those waters. The boat has heating systems and hot water for a warm stay after a dive. The maximum number of clients are 7/8.


More Detalls

Day 1 – Get to know the boat, the gear, and the other participants
We meet onboard the boat in the harbor of Tromsø at 12:00. We start by getting to know each other before we go through the plan for the week. We get to know the boat and the equipment and finish packing provisions and equipment. The life onboard requires cooperation, and before departure, we go through routines and procedures onboard, for sailing and emergency situations.
Day 2 -Sail to Skjervøy 
We will start our day early in the morning and set sail from Tromsø toward Skjervøy, where the last years the orcas’ population were concentrated. The trip takes around 8 hours and we will enjoy the fjord views landscape with the Lyngen peninsula mountains as a background from our sailboat.
Day 3 to 7 – Freedive with orcas and humpback whales.
Every morning we will depart early to be in the water as many light hours as possible. Once we encounter a whale pod and after guide thinks is safe enough we will go in small groups to the zodiac and jump into the water to freedive with these wonderful sea creatures.
Day 7 to 8 – Return and Farewell
Will return to Tromsø and make a last farewell dinner to remember the lifetime experiences that we have lived during the week.

-Is it safe to freedive with whales in Tromsø area?

The Whales are wild animals in their habitat and enter into the fjords to harvest themselves from Herring. In the recent years this activity has become really popular in North Norway. It is not any reported accident from any operator. We offer private/small groups and we take safety as our main concern as well as animals wellbeing. The activity follows all recommendations made by the “European Cetacean Society”.

-Do I need to be certified freediver?

We encourage that all participants to have a freediving openwater course from a recognized body such as Aida or SSI, persons with diving certifications or with enough snorkeling experience can also take part. Most of the activity is at a surface level but everyone needs to be fit and confident enough to perform the activity by himself/herself.

-What does it mean fit & confident for the activity?

Any trip participant needs to be confident with the equipment (wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins) and be able to swim with all freediving gear on. Also needs to be fit enough to go up and down the zodiac and main boat. Before any freedive with Whales, an in-water safety breefing will be performed and if the guide considers that someone is not meeting the requirements will not be able to perform more in-water activities.

-Is this trip only suitable for freedivers? Will be any other activity during the trip?

Of course not, even if you are not a freediver you can join the trip. The trip will be carried out from a sailboat and you will enjoy active sailing every day through the beautiful Norwegian fjords. We also have onboard a SUP board and fishing equipment; cod fish is really abundant on these waters and even more tasty! Also keep in mind that this is the best season to spot NORTHERN LIGHTS!

-Are winters in North Norway not to dark for such trip?

From end of November till mid-January the sun does not go above the horizon but this does not mean full darkness. It can be expected 6 hours of light a day; enough to carry out in-water activities, sailing and enjoy Northern Lights during night time.

-Is it not going to be extremely cold?

Norwegians always say that there are not cold or hot sensations; there are just bad and good quality clothes. You can expect Air temperature around 0ºC and Water temperature around 5ºC. Our boat has a heating system and hot water and it is really comfortable. In-water activities needs proper wet suit for such activity. We are happy to assist you to select the best gear for this trip.

-Where should I fly?

Tromsø airport has several National and International flights from several companies, being the major air carriers SAS and Norwegian Airline.

TRAVEL DAYS: 8 Days +  travel


Tromsø. Choose date.


Every week. From October to February. Ask for a date.

Minimum 4 people, maximum 7/8 people.
It can be rented by places or complete boat

From: € 2.000 per person in a shared room.

Included in the price:

  • Sailboat charter for a week from/to Tromsø.
  • Skipper with local knowledge.
  • Freediving guide.
  • Cook
  • Zodiac for freediving activities.
  • All food onboard during the trip.
  • All running cost of sailboat (fuel, harbour fees, gas..)

The service excludes:

  • Round trip to Tromsø.
  • Visits to additional or unplanned restaurants or other extra activities.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • All personal expenses.
  • Tips. (Optional).

Navigation: Easy
Freedive: Easy to hard (We adapt to the group level)

We move most of the time in the calm waters of the fjords

We have realized that many times you needlessly pay for insurance that you already have or do not want to pay.

We do not include insurance on our trips; what we do is help you assess what insurance you need in each type of activity and how far you want them to cover your activity.
For each trip we will jointly study what insurance you have already served and which we have to expand or cover: to ensure the cancellation of the flight or the entire trip, in many cases it is advisable an international medical insurance, and a rescue and repatriation insurance It may be essential on some occasions.

If you want insurance contact us and we will find the one that fits your needs AQUÍ.

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