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Popularly known as the killer mountain

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, 8,611 meters above sea level. It is the fashionable mountain, the one that allows you to get out of the crowds of Everest . It is famous for not letting climbers climb it easily. Climbing K2 is a decisive challenge, even for the most experienced and skilled climbers.

We offer you the opportunity to put your talents to the test. Our 50-day itinerary to K2 begins with your arrival in Islamabad. Our highly passionate and experienced local guides will take care of all the prerequisites including airport pickup, briefing at the Ministry of Tourism, flight to Skardu, walks, acclimatization, your arrival at K2 base camp and all. the rest.

Your attempt to climb K2 would start on the 14th and continue for 35 days.

Now it will depend on the weather, acclimatization, your experience and physical conditions. After climbing K2, we will also make sure you return home safely to share your experiences with your loved ones.

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Datos Técnicos

Day 1 & 2 – Islamabad.
Day 1: Arrival in Islamabad, transfer to the hotel and briefing with the whole team.
Day 2: Informative meeting at the Ministry of Tourism and meeting with LO (liaison officer)

Days 3 to 5 – Transfer to the beginning of the trek
Day 3: Flight to Skardu (1 hour), option of transfer by road to Chilas.
Day 4: Free day in Skardu or transfer to Chilas (8-10am).
Day 5: Final preparation day for materials

Days 6 to 13: Approach trekking
Day 6: Transfer to Askole (6-7h)
Day 7: Hike to Jhula, near the Domardo river (8-9h)
Day 8: Paiyu Trek offers good views of Baltoro South, Cathedral Tower and the K2 triangle in a distant view (5-7 hrs)
Day 09: Free day in Paiyu for acclimatization (3600 m)
Day 10: Hike to Urdukus: To Khuburtze (8-9 hrs): A gradual climb to the Baltoro Glacier on the southern edge. The hike mainly along the side moraine ridge, with stunning views of Paiyu peak, Chorichi, Uli Biaho, Trango Towers, etc. Camp at 4200 m
Day 11: Goro II: The hike for the first hour is through lateral crevices (difficult); later the road is smoother and easier in the center. We continue in front of the Yermanendo glacier for 3-4 hours to the camp at 4500 meters in the center of the glacier.
Day 12: Concordia: 5-6 hours of easy hike, with spectacular views and gigantic mountain panorama, including Mustagh Tower, GB IV, Miter Peak and the mighty K2. Camp in Concordia at 4700 m
Day 13: 4-5 hour hike to K2 base camp

Days 14 to 49 – climb the K2
Now it’s time to go up the K2. The number of days depends on the weather, the physical condition and the experience of the climbers.

Days 50 to 56 – Trekking de regreso
Return to Askole or Hushe and drive to Skardu. If you can use the Gondogoro route, the number of walking days may be less.

Days 57 to 60 – Return
Day 57: Fly to Islamabad or drive to Chilas.
Day 58: Free day in Islamabad or by car to Islamabad.
Day 59: Information session at the Ministry of Tourism.
Day 60: Fly to destination.

TRAVEL DAYS: 60 days + flight


m June 15 to August 3, 2020.


The ideal time to climb K2 is the proposal.

Minimum 1 person. The total group is 15 people

We have 6 free places.

From: $ 6,800 per person.

There are different categories of prices and services to suit your needs.
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Included in the price:

  • 2 nights in Islamabad, 2 nights in Chillas and 2 nights in Skardu (hotel according to category)
  • Porters for each client we provide 3 porters (75 kg of personal luggage) from Askole to base camp and 2 porters (50 kg of staff luggage) from base camp to Askole or Hushe, the porters payment includes days of rest, salaries, equipment and fees and bridge insurance.
  • Transportation (plane on request), by road included: Hiroof (for 7 people) or Toyota Corolla (for 3 people)
  • Insurance for Pakistani personnel (guide, cook, kitchen helper, low-altitude porters, high-altitude porter, army liaison officer) from Pakistan insurance company according to government law. </ li>
  • Base camp equipment and food: Complete kitchen equipment for members and liaison officer, base camp tents per person, dining tent, kitchen tent, bathroom tent, camp fee, tarps for the goalkeeper’s shelter, Drums to carry food, insulated mattress, warm water as required and food for a month at the base camp and food during the trek.
  • Electricity at the base camp we provide fuel to the electric generator for two hours every night to recharge or run your electrical equipment eg laptop, phone with satellite light etc. (Additional use of more than two hours per day will be charged).
  • Oxygen, high-altitude porters, special tents, satellite phone, helicopter … according to rate

The service excludes:

  • Pakistan Entry Visa Fee
  • Additional nights accommodation in Islamabad. In case of early arrival or late departure, return early from Trekking / Expedition (for any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
  • Insurance: Travel and high altitude, accident, medical and emergency evacuation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance.
  • Rescue evacuation: Medical insurance and emergency rescue evacuation cost if needed. (Costs of rescue, repatriation, medication, medical examinations and hospitalization).
  • Personal expenses: telephone, internet, battery recharge, shower, laundry, any alcoholic beverages (during the trek and in Islamabad, but we will serve all kinds of beverages for members at base camp), and also clothing, items of packaging or bags, medical personnel.
  • Personal trekking / climbing equipment.
  • Special permission for filming, camera and drone and its fee (if required).
  • Summit voucher: Summit voucher for climbing guide $ 2200 usd. (offers rates that already include it)
  • Calculate some tips for Basecamp staff. (Minimum $ 100- $ 300 USD)
  • Any other service or activity not mentioned in the itinerary. Our company’s service will be “zero” above base camp (if the company offers only base camp services)
  • Any other item that is not included in the Cost includes section.
  • International airfares and airport departure taxes or excess baggage charges (for domestic flights),
  • CKNP fee, helicopter guarantee deposit and environmental bond
  • Liaison Officer: LO pays $ 40 a day a day in the city and $ 20 a day while on the mountain. The kit and equipment or equipment money up to US dollars 1500-2000USD, is not included in the BASECAMP service.
  • Any other fees to be paid to the Government of Pakistan in the BASECAMP service
  • High altitude guides / any crew above BC
  • Sleeping bags, oxygen, HAG
  • High altitude food, tents on BC, climbing equipment and ropes.
  • Gluten-free foods cost $ extra based on customer demand.
  • Airport storage charges and clearing agent charges
  • Any other service not mentioned as part of the package.

Level: Expert
Knowledge of high mountains is required and it is advisable to have experience in height.

If you do not know if you have the appropriate level, do not hesitate to call us and we will analyze it together.

We have realized that many times you needlessly pay for insurance that you already have or do not want to pay.

We do not include insurance on our trips; what we do is help you assess what insurance you need in each type of activity and how far you want them to cover your activity.
For each trip we will jointly study what insurance you have already served and which we have to expand or cover: to ensure the cancellation of the flight or the entire trip, in many cases it is advisable an international medical insurance, and a rescue and repatriation insurance It may be essential on some occasions.

If you want insurance contact us and we will find the one that fits your needs HERE.

Get in touch with us and we will send you the personalized program.

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