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This trek will allow you to discover the essence of Nepal in a short trip of 10 days. You can visit Kathmandu and Pokhara, and discover some of its temples.

Mardi Himal Trek is much less touristy route than the popular routes on the south side of the Annapurna. This trip will take you to the depths of the Annapurna massif through rice fields, tropical rhododendron forests and reaching an edge with stunning panoramic views of the southern face of the Annapurnas and Machhapuchare (the sacred and forbidden mountain climbing of the god Shivá).

PRICE: 560€



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Nepal Cultural Trip

NepalViaje Cultural Pagina en desarrollo, Estamos trabajando para ofrecerles el mejor servicio. Sentimos las molestias.

Nepal Trekking

From 370€Trekking We have more than 40 trekking in all regions of Nepal to adapt to the trip that best fits your wishes. From 7-day trips for people who have little time to long and exclusive trips of almost a month We can take you to the region of Everest, Annapurna, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, Langtang, Manaslu or the distant West of…

Nepal Ski

15 days + 2 trips
Departures: Dates to be agreed
Minimum 2 people


Price: 560€Mardi Himal Trek!! This trek will allow you to discover the essence of Nepal in a short trip of 10 days. You can visit the two main cities of the country (Kathmandu and Pokhara) and discover some of its temples. Mardi Himal Trek is a relatively new and much less touristy route than the popular routes on the south…


Price: 3.900€More than an expedition, a trip to a gap on the map!! Can you imagine entire regions full of valleys, with an amount of six thousand meters mountains that have no names? This expedition is a path to the unknown, to summits and peaks without name in remote and wild valleys. Nyinbas, Bynsis, Limipas, Khampas and Chhetris lost tribes…

nepal trail running

9 days + 2 travel
Departures: October 22 / October 31 / Choose Dates
Minimum 1 person


From 2.200€SUMMER, MOVE IN JEEP AND HELICOPTER BETWEEN VOLCANOES Traveling to Kamchatka is possible with comfort and even with children. This program is designed so that you can discover some of the most beautiful and spectacular places on the peninsula without sacrificing comfort. We have developed a balanced route between wildlife and the benefits of civilization. You will see active…

Kamchatka Trekking

From 2.300€Kamchatka Central, Trekking between volcanoes Are you ready to discover one of the wildest and most spectacular places on earth? A 14-day trekking route through the highest volcanoes in Kamchatka, moving between some of the most beautiful volcanoes on earth and climbing into an impressive 2km crater located 3,000m high. The program is designed to move around and sleep…

Ossetia Cultural Trip

From 680€Culture and Nature in its purest form. We will explore from completely virgin mountains and valleys, to the most recent traces of one of the last wars that Europe has suffered. We will know the remains of the Alana culture, which came to put the Roman Empire in serious trouble and settled in half of Europe. After the defeat…

North Norway Trekking and Photography

From 1.300€Trekking&Photography This week is dedicated to the most beautiful and rugged mountains, fjords, and beaches that Lofoten has to offer. We explore the island by boat, and the whole of Lofoten is our playground! With seven days at our disposal, the Lofoten mountains seen from different angles and with the midnight sun will give us a real summer and…

Svalbard Circumnavigation

11 days + trip
Departures: July and August / Choose Date
Minimum 1 person

Svalbard Sailboat Summer

From: 2.900€EXPLORE THE NORTHWEST COAST Welcome aboard our eight-day trip along the northwest coast of Spitsbergen; an area rich in majestic fjords and mountains, large glaciers, wildlife and a lot of history. Among the many fjords that we sail, we can highlight Kongsfjord, Krossfjorden, Lilliehöökfjorden, Magdalenafjorden, Bockfjorden and Liefdefjorden. Of the innumerable glaciers, the Kongsbreen and the Monacobreen are the…

China – Mongolia and South/North Korea trip

China and Mongolia - South/North Korea tripPromotional Trip!! A trip to Asia with a Blog-Traveler? Irina has already visited 67 countries, we believe she is the best guide to share this trip. An unforgettable experience in Asia! It consists of a trip of 14 or 21 days to different countries of the region. Check dates!   In China we will…


From 550€A trip impossible to forget. Some of Kamchatka's most spectacular and exclusive places are only accessible by helicopter. We propose some of these trips, it is almost impossible to reach most of these places without the help of the helicopter. This has allowed to keep these places much more careful and virgins if possible than the rest of Kamchatka.…


From 4.200€Move free This program only for winter will allow you to get to know the wild region of Kamchatka. With hardly any roads or roads practicable in winter one of the best ways to move and discover the region are snowmobiles. You will discover active volcanoes, geysers, fumaroles, bears and many more animals. But above all, discover your dreams,…

discover trips

From 435€. From Tourist to Traveler There are trips departing from the more commercial routes with thousands of tourists looking for the same picture. Dare to discover places outside the trade routes. It is not always necessary to do a multi-day trekking approach, nor to sleep on the floor or eat poorly to get there. We propose you very interesting…


Price: 14.000€Ski in the South Pole!! Can you imagine skiing through its mountains? Go down its slopes to a beach surrounded by ice and penguins with skis on? A trip for adventurers looking to discover these wonderful Antarctic landscapes, their flora and their wildlife. Whales, seals, penguins and elephant seals will be our travel companions. There is no better way…


From 550€Climb one of the great Volcanoes More than 300 volcanoes, 30 of which are active. Climbing one of Kamchatka's great volcanoes is an impressive experience. You will feel the energy of the earth beneath your feet, as you move through a totally virgin and wild territory. There are volcanoes of all difficulties and degrees of exposure, depending on what…

Osetia Ski

From 680€Ski Touring Choose one summit and most probably you will be the first to skied down! There are mountains of all levels, you will surely find the type of descent that you are most passionate about. The only thing that we can assure you is that you will be the first to go down skiing on the mountain of…

Northern Norway Ski&Sailing

From 1.600€Ski&Sail Ski and Sail Lyngen is an adventure for those of you who want to sail to the foot of a mountain, prepare your skis and skins on the beach, ascend and then ski down the purest, powdery hills Norway can offer. Ski and Sail is a trip for those of you who enjoy challenges and want to experience…

Svalbard Sailing and Skiing

8 days + trip
Departures: May 1 to June 15 / Dates to be agreed
Minimum 1 person

Ski trips

From 680€. Looking for the purest white. Don't settle for the descents that everyone does. There are many mountains waiting for their first descent, our greatest hope is to be able to help you to be the first to make them. We can adapt to all levels, from comfortable walks through valleys to the most extreme descents. Ski from a…

Osetia Trekking

From 680€Trekking We will accompany you to some of the most virgin and unexplored valleys of the incredible mountains of the Caucasus. You will know its incredible volcanoes, rivers and lakes. Climb up to summits of up to 3,850m from where you will observe the great amount of wild fauna of the region, from Caucasian goats, foxes, wolves ... to…

Sailing trips

From 1.300€. Discover the world sailing. There are places that are worth arriving by sea, even some of our trips cannot be reached if you are not sailing. Think of that place you always dreamed of, hoist the sail, head towards it, just let us accompany you. We present the most popular trips we make in Sailboat, but they are…


From 370€. Discover the world by walking. Is there a better way to discover a place than walking? You just have to think about where you would like to go, or what type of trip you would like to take and together we will design the route that best suits what you are looking for. Children or the great mountains…


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Each member of our team adds a special value to your trip!

Learn photography while traveling.

Would you like a professional photographer to accompany you and show  the best tricks to get the most out of your photos? Take advantage of that free time before dinner to receive a private class of Photoshop or Lightroom.

Improve your skiing techniques.

All mountain activities have their risks; A guide will not only take care that you do not cross this fine line, he will teach you his knowledge and then you will feel more safe in your future trips.

Learn to sail in the Arctic.

Fixing your position by the stars or by traditional techniques, knowing how to read the navigation charts or adjusting the sails are things that you can learn while you sail surrounded by Icebergs in the Arctic.

Local and cultural guides.

Our philosophy is to take you to places outside the tourist main spots and get to know the local culture of the place first-hand.



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