Two brothers with 13 years of difference and two very different passions, Albert only dreamed of sailing and Xevi, since childhood, always tried to be in the mountains. It was almost impossible to meet in order to carry out a common project.

For some years Xevi has participated in Himalaiaski, a project to film mountain skiing documentaries outside the most common routes. In the year 2017 they decided to go to the north of Norway to shoot a new documentary in which were climbed some of the less frequented mountains from sea level, sailing from island to island with a sailboat.

We leave you with the Documentary; initially it was about recording the world champion of mountain skiing, Mireia Miró, but it really was much more.

It was the beginning of this project.

Albert Esgleas


Seafarer by profession spends most of the year sailing the world in big vessels. His spirit of adventure came in his adolescence reading the stories of the great sailors of the last century: Sir Robin Knox Johnston, Bernard Mointessier and Eric Tabarly among others. Since then he could not stop dreaming of sailing to remote places and getting to know new cultures.

Xevi Esgleas


As a child he began his passion for running, climbing and skiing through the best landscapes of the Himalayas, the Andes, the Balkans or the Polar Circle. His work as a civil engineer and also his assignments at high altitude camera in the Himalaiaski documentaries have allowed him to make friends with people of many places of the world. Now he helps his brother to share and teach all his experiences and knowledge, and what better way than with this project.

Guillem Casanova

Linked with outdoor sport since he was a teenager. He is a renowned photographer of the world of mountain and cycling competitions like the UTMB. He also works for different sports brands (Scott, Salomon ...) and international magazines (Go Outside, Trail Magazine, UltraRunning Magazine ...). Its goal is to introduce you or help you to improve your skills with the camera and the whole world of photography.

Irma Kachmazova

Originally from South Ossetia, she has lived between Barcelona, Russia and Ossetia for 13 years. She is considered an open and sociable person. She loves nature, it is where she feels most at peace. Its primordial motto: "If you can dream it, you can do it". She is responsible for managing visas to Russia and Ossetia.

Inka Bellés Andorra

She was born in a small Andorran village, surrounded by mountains. The cross-country skis, the walking shoes and the bicycle have always accompanied her, from the Pyrenees to the most unknown mountains. Traveling has been her school and she is lucky that her passions have turned them into her work, she is a mountain guide and travel journalist.

Jordi Tosas

Above being one of the most prestigious mountain guides of the moment is a good childhood friend. He taught us to dream about the unknown and what seemed impossible. Now he can accompany you to take the trip you always dreamed of.

Himalaiaski team

It is a producer of mountain movies, travel articles and photography. "We don't look for the highest or most difficult peaks, just get out of the marked paths, introduce ourselves into other cultures and look for the unknown." The Off Trail Trips project is just transferring the idea of Himalaiaski to people in search of these places.
With the Himalaiaski team we will continue to look for new destinations. Now you decide whether to watch the movies or to live the adventure.

Carmen Rodriguez Villalobos
Rodriguez Villalobos

Doctor by profession; her restlessness and curiosity led her to live in Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland where she currently resides. Culture and languages are her strong points, thus taking care of marketing and public relations. She joined this adventure after her first trip to Norway in 2017 with Off Trail Trips

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