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For guides who want to promote their trip.

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If you are a guide and you have a journey to offer, we can help you.
Increase the visibility of your trips on our platforms and networks.
No fixed or initial costs for you and no extra cost for our customers.

F.A.Q's Collaborators

Contact us here, we will send you the following forms to be filled out:

  • Professional and personal suitability form; with your personal and professional data. We want to get to know you better and see that your philosophy and ours fit!
  • Travel form; file with the trip you want to promote on our website with all the information that will be published.


We want to help clients to contact guides directly, there are no fixed or subscription fees.

We want to make sure that the trips we promote meet our essential travel requirements. Therefore, we want to make sure that:

  • The guide has enough professional experience to guarantee the safety of the travellers.
  • The guide has to know in advance the place and can provide local knowledge to travellers.
  • The type of trip adapts to our philosophy: Get off the conventional tracks and offer the traveller experiences, not tourist vacations!
  • The price of the trip is set by you, but it must be the same as on other platforms where you advertise.

Once your application has been accepted, we will incorporate it on our website and promote it. When any client is interested in it, we will contact you and manage the response together.

Contact with us

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