Kamchatka (RUSSIA)

Custom adventure and comfort trips to the Active Volcanoes and Wildlife of Kamchatka with a local guide to explore its virgin territory


Kamchatka is located at the east end of Siberia, touching the Bering Sea and is famous for three things:

– Be one of the places with the most active volcanoes on the earth.

– The large amount of wildlife, including brown bears.

– Be a completely virgin place, with very little tourism and a lot of territory to explore.

It is not simple to move around Kamchatka, there are areas only accessible by helicopter, by boat or with large off-road vehicles adapted for this place.

We just want to ask you a question, what kind of trip do you want to live?

– A trekking through the great volcanoes of the center península?

– A comfortable journey of discovery of the most spectacular sites suitable for all ages?

– A climb of its spectacular volcanoes?

– Discover Kamchatka by helicopter?

If you are looking for active volcanoes, frozen lava flows, fumaroles, hot springs, Geysers, bears, reindeer, salmon, killer whales, sea lions or simply discovering the traditional culture of the Koryak Indians this is your trip.


Kamchatka is located at the east end of Russia, at the height of southern Alaska on the other side of the Bering Strait.

There are daily flights operated by several companies (Aeroflot, S7 …) from Moscow. Even being a very distant destination connections are good, cheap and fast, so you will not waste much time on the trip.

Of course it is, currently tourism (punctual and nothing crowded) is normal and well accepted in the region. There is a well prepared rescue team with great experience and helicopters.

All our guides undergo annual training. The group and the route that we are going to carry out will be registered. The guide carries a satellite phone and radio during the excursion to the volcanoes. Each participant in the program receives insurance that includes helicopter evacuation for the entire tour.

All tourists who want to enter Russia must apply for an entry visa to the country. The procedure is simple and is done at the Consulate. For Kamchatka, no documentation or special limitation is required, so it is as simple as processing a visa to Moscow or St. Petersburg. If you have any doubt or problem to carry out the processing we can help you or process the visas ourselves.

For the Georgian government, visiting South Osetia from Russia is illegal. Theoretically you could be persecuted for this if you ever return to Georgia.

To avoid never having any problem, your passport will never be stamped by either Russia or South Osetia when crossing the border. There is no proof of your stay in the country. The tourists who have subsequently visited Georgia have never had any problems.

It is the region with the largest amount of brown bears on earth, and this has its charm, but it must also be aware of the measures to be taken.

The bear is afraid of man and does not directly attack him, if he hovers or sees us he tries to run away and not attack us. The problem is when without notice he meets us, for this reason it is important that the group is always united. With snowmobiles the chances of crossing a bear with surprise are drastically reduced. The people of the region respect them, but they are not afraid of them.

The reservation and final payment is made directly to our local guide.

Without any problem. Many shops directly accept the credit card. We recommend carrying some cash, since small businesses do not have a credit card reader.

The most remote regions do not have an Internet connection. But in the regions that we move we find coverage in the high points of the mountains. In addition, most restaurants and cafes in the region have WI-FI available to you.

Russia uses the same system as most European countries. Our plugs are all of “Type C” or “Euro Standard”.


Kamchatka (russia)

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