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We have many options to discover the wonderful valleys, villages and mountains of Nepal, but especially to discover its people, who make this country such a special place.

There are few of us who have enjoyed skiing in the white of the whites, the purest snows of the Himalayas. Descend skiing a hillside surrounded by some of the largest mountains on earth is an impossible to describe feeling. You can go through its valleys and villages with wonderful trekkings, from the most touristic and visited ones like the Everest Base Camp, to very little frequented valleys in the Extreme West of Nepal. Depending on the time you have, the level of difficulty and the number of people you want to find on your trip, we will adapt a proposal to suit you.

There are also those who travel to Nepal for their culture, architecture and mysticism. Stroll through the chaotic Kathmandu, visit the great Stupa of Boudhanath, one of the most sacred places of Buddhism, get lost in small temples of nearby towns, see the elephants and jungle rhinos or simply afford the small luxury of a plane flight over Everest.

All these and much more are the things that make this country an essential place to visit.

We enclose a small sample of some of the trips that you can make in Nepal, but do not hesitate to explain your concerns and we will try to advise you together with our local guides of the trip that best suits your needs.



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