North of Norway

Trips and sailing holidays in Norway. Sailing, skiing, trekking, fishing. Discover from a sailboat Lofoten, Tromso, Lyngen, Finmark …


Northern Norway ranges from the Helgeland region to the North Cape; despite being above the Arctic Circle, its climate is moderate thanks to the Gulf Stream. This warm current, which reaches its shores, is responsible for the large quantity and quality of fish found in it, including the famous Bacalao.

Region of exceptional natural beauty where fjords and mountains merge; and beyond its nature, it has a great culture to explore.

Its abrupt coasts make a sailboat the best way to move through. The sailboat, in addition, allows us to reach local places outside the most tourist areas and to know the local culture as a Viking. For this reason, all the trips we make in the area are made by sailboat; most of the time inside fjords, being in sheltered waters.

Northern Norway offers endless opportunities for all travelers depending on the time of year. In autumn and winter, the highlights are the northern lights and the ski activities along with the arrival of the killer whale to their fjords in December and January. In the spring, we can still have good months of skiing with orange film sunsets that last for hours. The summer months are the best to discover their fjords and mountains with long daylight days.

The North of Norway has very good air connections with the rest of Europe with many lowcost flights by the company Norwegian.

The main attractions of the area are:

  • Helgeland: With the wonderful Vega archipelago, the Svartisen glacier or the Seven Sisters waterfall.
  • Lofoten: A paradise with small fishing villages along with landscapes that do not leave anybody indifferent. Some of its strengths are the Trollfjord fjord or the small village of Henningsvær.
  • Tromsø: Known as the Paris of the North is an university city with lots of life and a large number of restaurants and bars. Perfect starting point to explore the area.
  • Lyngen Alps: One of the most impressive mountain ranges in Europe where you can climb mountains up to 1800mts from the beach with the skis on.
  • Finmark: The least explored and visited area that hides perfect landscapes and mountains to explore if we really wish to feel freedom and loneliness.



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