Active and alternative trips in Russia, discover the most virgin regions

Russia is gigantic, and there are spectacular places to discover. Get off the classic circuits in Moscow and St. Petersburg and discover true Russia. Its landscape, its fauna and especially the friendliness of its people will captivate you.

The Caucasos region has been difficult for tourists to access for many years, now, thanks to the flight facilities and infrastructure that has been developed in the area, make it very interesting.

Soon we will also have trips to the Murmansk region, one of the best places on earth to observe Northern Lights, and without a doubt, the cheapest and most easily accessible.

Trips to Kamchatka

Kamchakta is a very special place and by itself it can be treated as a country, we have many programs and experience in the region. If you want more information about Kamchaka go directly to the link.

Viaje a Kamchatka


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